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Webinar: Ask Me About Your Nonprofit Series

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Grow Your Non-Profit CEO Tamika Seaton had an open discussion with Darrel Peters and Bernard Faithful about careers, creating a sustainable life and things to think about when thinking about starting a nonprofit. Be sure to join us for our next Virtual Coffee & Conversation where you can ask us anything about your nonprofit or business.

Webinar: How to Start a Nonprofit and Make it Profitable

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During this one hour webinar, you will learn, “How to Start a Nonprofit and Make it Profitable.” The strategies presented will give you a head start to running your nonprofit like a business, how to select the right Board of Directors to help you raise money, how to develop a fundraising plan and so much more.

Webinar: 7 Ways Planned Giving Can Benefit Nonprofits

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During this one hour webinar, you will learn seven planned giving strategies that will help grow your non-profit's endowment and enhance your planned giving program. Hear from guest speaker Charles A. Kerwood III, CFP®, ChFC®, AEP®P | Partner, Waller Financial Planning Group, Inc., moderated by Tamika Seaton, Executive Consultant, Grow Your Non-Profit. 

Webinar: 8 Ways to Raise More Money

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Need more money to support your cause? This webinar will reveal 8 simple strategies to raise more sustainable funds to support your mission. 

Webinar: Boards that make a Difference

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Identifying and securing board members can be a daunting task, but once they join your mission, they can become an invaluable resource for:

•Growing your organization


•Recruiting other board members

•Raising funds

•Planned gifts

This conversational webinar with nonprofit board members will provide insight as to what great boards are made of. 

Webinar: Virtual Fundraising Strategies

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The COVID-19 Pandemic taught the nonprofit world that it can't solely rely on live fundraising events to raise funds for its mission. Many nonprofits had to cancel their events and lay off staff because they did not think outside the box to reach donors virtually. This webinar provides sustainable strategies to raise money virtually.  

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